is it possible to get false positive for gonorrhea


I had a baby 2010 and many blood test. I didnt have positive for any std on any of them. The again in 2012 I had 3 pap smears, 1 being in dr office, another for having irregular bleeding, then the other in the ER for stomach cramps. I was tested all those times and dr said everything was good and all was negative. Then earlier this week I went to have test done from being delayed on my period. They done blood test which was negative, then pap test which they said came back positive for gonorrhea. Can this be a false positive? I have only been with one person since 2006 and he is also father of our baby. Always had all negative test. And he is devoted christian he would not cheat. If blood test is negative shouldnt pap also be? and can the pap actually be urinary infeaction or something and cause positive for gonorrhea? Thank for all help


Thanks for your question,

I'll start off by saying, even though they're uncommon, false-positives can happen with just about any test. Since you have no reason to doubt the loyalty of your baby's father, it seems totally reasonable to get tested again for Gonorrhea.

You can go to your doctor and request it specifically, since it's its own test. It's usually done in combination with the pap test along with other sexual health screenings.

I'm sorry that you're experiencing such recent distress, but a follow up should give you the answers you're looking for.

Hope this helps!