Possibility that I might have HIV? Test again?


Hello, In the beginning of November of 2010, I performed oral sex on a male, IV drug user. I also had a large, open cut on my lip (changing of the weather, splitting lips, oy vey). He claimed he was negative although I do not trust him and I didn't know his sexual history or IV drug use at the time. . Anyway, around mid December (about 20th or so) I started to experience classic ARS symptoms (thrush, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, aches all over, red rash on my chest). Tested negative for mono and strep. I got better after a few days but felt uneasy about what I found on the Internet. In the beginning of January 2011, I had a PCR test at my local health dept which came back negative. The nurse assured me that I was fine and sent me on my way. I still felt uneasy about it so at about 7 months I got a rapid blood test at Planned Parenthood as well as a full STD screen. That also came back negative. I was relieved and all thoughts of HIV were out of my mind...until may 2013. I started to experience severe problems swallowing. I eventually had an endoscopy which confirmed esophagitis. My GI doctor said he believed it was reflux esophagitis, although I have never had reflux and he explained he only took a biopsy to test for H. pylori. Eventually I recovered..and then relapsed. Now I am recovering once again from esophagitis. I let the thoughts go once again, until I developed a small pinkish, white bump on my eyelid by my eyelashes as well as a very small bright red dot in the corner (red part) of my eye. I have never had styes or chalazions before, so it's just unusual for me. This in conjunction with the esophagitis worries me to no end. I have also had a lot of diarrhea recently. I just keep thinking that I have HIV and that the virus has caused these things. My rational mind is saying that I tested negative twice and these things do not happen until very low CD4 counts so it's unlikely I would still be so healthy otherwise. I also know its also infectious esophagitis and not reflux esophagitis that occurs. I havent tested since my initial tests in 2011.I have only been with one partner since who is negative. So my questions are, should I be worried that I could have contracted HIV from that encounter in 2010? How accurate are my PCR results in combination with my rapid test? Should I have tested once at 3 months and once at 6 months back then and not have trusted the PCR? I Appreciate all the work you do and provide for this website. I'm sorry for all the text. Thanks


Hi The testing guidelines for HIV are to be initially tested at 3 weeks post exposure and then again at 90 days. As long as there are no other exposures happened during this time frame than the results are conclusive. If there have been no other exposures the results are considered conclusive.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon