possibility of hiv from a single exposure?


I am an engineering student from india. On 7th May i had sex with woman whom i met in disco. i used condom but it get tored in between the intercourse. It was a minute contact just for few seconds after that i discontinued. After a few days i noticed a red patch on my penis head and the tip of penis seems like swollen lips, i thought that it might be due to tight condom or it get hurt during sex. After a months a had dairreah which lasted for a day. After 20 days of this incident i started feeling feverish but the body temp remained between 98.5 to 99. Few days after i had mouth full canker sores and stomach full of gases.Then i visited to general physician but i did'nt disclosed him about my red swollen penis. He diagnosed it as F.U.O and prescribed cefixime 400mg for three days and it worked and i got well for few days. But again this feverish symptoms started with headache and congested nose in the morning.There is no swollen lymph nodes any where in the body.But sometimes i experience neck stiffness and itching of whole body which causes red rashes for few minutes. Again i visited the doctor and he prescribed ciprofloxcin 500mg for three days. Now its August and i am not feeling well. Red patch and swollen tip of penis is still there. I also have oral ulcers My question are:

  1. Are these symptoms related to ARS or HIV?

  2. when to get tested for HIV and what test?

  3. What about my red swollen penis as i have heard that HIV infection has no symptoms on genital organs?

  4. Can i have any STD along with HIV from the same single exposure?

  5. What are my chances of getting infected?

Sir please answer to my Question as i have written too many times and you have not responded. I am really not feeling well. I am a bright student and i don't want to die like this. Should I speak to my parents about this incident or its too early. I am really sucked please help me.............



  1. Nope. Your symptoms are not consistent with HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

  2. HIV-antibody test (ELISA, EIA, rapid test) with a reflex confirmatory Western Blot if and only if the initial test is positive. HIV testing should be performed three months or longer from the date of exposure.

  3. I cannot diagnose your penile symptoms over the Internet. I can advise these symptoms are not HIV related. I suggest you consult a dermatologist to have this symptom elevated and treated.

  4. Yes, it's certainly possible to contract more than one STD from a single unprotected (or broken-condom) sexual encounter.

  5. Extremely low.

"I am a bright student and I don't want to die like this." That's an odd statement. I can assure you even dumb students or the 34,000,000 of us infected with HIV don't really relish the thought of succumbing to AIDS either.

Dr. Bob