The Positive Workplace: Managing HIV at Work

A Seminar Offered by WorkPositive

Is Your Workplace Ready to Respond to HIV/AIDS?

It is estimated that 1 in 300 individuals in the United States is infected with HIV. When your employee discloses that he or she is HIV positive, will you know how to respond in a manner that is legal, fair, and consistent with current medical information?

Current Situation

Today, more people are living longer with HIV. Since HIV infection became a reportable condition in California on July 1, 2002, Los Angeles County officials estimate that more than 45,000 people are infected with HIV and more than 17,227 persons live with AIDS countywide. Many people with HIV who are of working age, are managing their health better, and are either staying on the job or returning to work after recovering from disabling symptoms of AIDS.

One in six large U.S. work sites (with more than 50 employees) and 1 in 16 small U.S. work sites (fewer than 50 employees) have been faced with addressing issues associated with an employee who has HIV or AIDS.

Why HIV/AIDS Is a Workplace Issue

According to the Centers for Disease Control, new HIV infections are on the rise. The majority of those infected are young adults between the ages of 25 and 44. Half of the nation's 121 million workers are in this age group. The workplace is required to operate within state and federal laws regarding confidentiality of medical information and nondiscrimination.

The workplace can be affected by HIV/AIDS in many ways, therefore, both supervisors and workers need to know the scope of their rights and responsibilities in regard to reasonable accommodation, discrimination, confidentiality, universal safety precautions, insurance and other healthcare issues.

Why The Positive Workplace: Managing HIV at Work

This program has already been successfully received nationwide by Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, government agencies, college faculties, church groups, and the entertainment industry.

Seminars are delivered by well-trained and experienced facilitators.

These interactive seminars can be geared to the specific needs of your business or group.

Goals of the Seminar

  • To maintain productivity when an HIV-related issue arises at work.
  • To develop a non-discriminatory workplace.
  • To guard against costly lawsuits and other legal challenges.

Content of the Seminar

  • Why HIV is a workplace issue: Confidentiality of medical information (HIPPA), the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it applies to HIV disease

  • Factual information about HIV and AIDS: Statistics, facts about HIV transmission and how HIV infection develops, risk reduction and testing

  • Video and facilitated problem solving: Exercises for co-workers, managers and supervisors

  • First aid and universal safety precautions


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