Positive weak antibodies in hiv blood test and 14weeks pregnant


Hey would love if someone can help me as not getting any straight answers from hospital this is my 3rd pregnancy and I tested very weak positive for antibodies in hiv bloods its been repeated 3 or 4-times over the space of 2months and still there every other hiv result negative only this keeps showing up im in bits over it as I had a needle stick injury around 3 years ago. Also my husband has been tested and he is negative and we have been together 16 years and I have had no other sexual patner in this time the nurse said theres no level of hiv in my blood and the test has come back the same every time it would change if I had the virus that lenght of time whats happening in a mess over it stressed out and no one can tell me whats going on please help.


All the test results would have to be reviewed, and what specific tests were actually performed. I suggest you consult with an infectious disease specialist to review all these tests.