Positive and Negative Relationship and risks of Safer Sex


I recently was devistated to find out that I am HIV positive. I have never had unprotected anal sex and I am having a hard time dealing with my new reality. That being said, my partner is negative and we have major concerns about our relationship and the possibility of him being infected. What should and shouldn't we do sexually? We want to stay together, but obviously we need some sort of sex life. Are there any studies of positive and negative men dating and having sex and the risk factors, assuming safer sex is practiced?



Sorry to hear about your recent positive-HIV diagnosis. A period of adjustment to your new reality is to be expected. I suggest you check out the information on The Body's homepage. Under Quick-Links, try double clicking on "Just Diagnosed." The information there and on related links should help with your adjustment process.

Regarding your relationship issues, you are now a "magnetic couple" (one positive, one negative). I suggest you review, with your partner, the information in the archives of this forum under the subheading "Magnetic Couples (HIV+ & HIV-). If you have additional specific concerns after that, write back and I'll try to help. Also, please note Steve (Dr. Steve in The Body's Tratamientos Forum) and I are a magnetic couple celebrating 12 years together and we couldn't be more content (yes, including sexually).

Good luck.

Dr. Bob