Positive ELISA, negative Western Blot and 29 weeks Pregnant


I am a 37 year old female,Im 29 weeks pregnant with my second child. My both the pregnancy was through IVF. I been married for 12 years. At a routine Pre-natal visit during my first trimester in JULY 09 blood test my HIV came negative . Again I went for my routine 3rd trimester blood test on NOV 22nd 09. My doctor told me I tested positive for HIV but NEGATIVE in the Western Blot. Doctor wanted me to tested again and result were the same positive HIV and NEGATIVE Western Blot. I dont know what is wrong ? Am I HIV Positive ? I havent had unprotected sex or injected any drugs only thing I can think of is in June09 my ex- boyfriend was in town and we had French kiss no sex. Im very ashamed about my doing . Do you think I got infected during the Kiss. I dont know whats going on ? Please help !



A positive ELISA HIV-antibody test followed by a negative confirmatory Western Blot test is considered a negative HIV-screening test. You've now had essentially two negative HIV-screening tests. Your positive ELISA is most likely due to nonspecific cross-reacting antibodies induced by your pregnancy. Review the information in the chapter on pregnancy in the archives of this forum for additional information. If your doctor remains concerned, he could check a qualitative HIV PCR DNA test, as this test does not rely on anti-HIV antibodies, but rather assays for a piece of the virus's genetic material.

French kissing ex-boyfriends is not a risk for HIV transmission!

Be well.

Dr. Bob