he's positive


hi. i've been on my own for ages and finally meet a terrific guy, he has also been on his own for awhile, anyway, we started out as friends and our feelings were getting strong, and one day he had to go for an eye test and the specialist found more, which led to more doctors and in the end he was tested postive... but 3 days before he was tested we got together (no sex just muckin around), we are both past 40 anyway, i have strong feelings still for him and he for me, but i don't know the first thing about "what we can and can't do" i have fears! yes and i worried yes of cause... but need a little education on what i can and can't do please help!!! thank you


You can kiss and hug and touch without fear of infection. However, vaginal or anal intercourse place you at risk, so you need to use protection (condoms) to prevent HIV infection. Oral sex is somewhat less risky, but the use of barrier protection is recommended for oral sex also.

You can find more detailed information at www.thebody.com Look under "HIV prevention" and then under "Safer Sex Guides and Information." You will find a variety of very good, detailed information on "what you can and can't do."