Pornstar Worries Pt5 (Apology & Last post)


Hello Dr Bob, You are very funny!!! (Dr Bob the Pornstar/Escort!!) My fault, I have to admit I am not a master of the Science they call Punctuation!! Yes Dr Bob I know I am a mess, last year I had a rather traumatic event happen to me and I still have not gotten over it. I drink sometimes to excess to blot out the memories. This I know makes me do things which, when sober I would not indulge in.

I am just scared for my ex. If as you say it was just a cold she had, I would not even bother wasting your time. But she had no sinus or cold related symptoms. If you could just clarify something for me Dr Bob. When they say ARS has flu like symptoms do they mean cough/cold being one of those symptoms? Or just Headache, Fever, Sore Throat etc etc? I read on one site that a cough is not usually part of ARS symptoms.

I know I have to man up and tell her my fears, but with every so called symptom she gets, I get into an even bigger panic. Just Yesterday she said that a Gland or bump came up on the side of her neck just below her right ear for about 4 hours then went down but was still tender to touch. And she also mentioned that she had a Rash as well on her neck that lasted about the same time as the Gland/bump thing.

All I'm asking Dr Bob is if you could throw me a bone to keep me sane while I wait for my three month test - and some of your good luck Karma.

Yours Faithfully Reluctant Pornstar (Pornstar Wars 5!)


Hello Paranoid Porn Star,

You are now up to "part 5" of your ongoing saga. Sorry, Dude, but I have to cut you off. I'll gladly send you my good-luck karma, but I can't continue to respond to your paranoid delusions over and over. In addition to the advice I've already given (see below), I would also suggest you get immediate help for your alcohol abuse and whatever "rather traumatic event" happened to you last year. You are a mess and apparently getting messier all the time. You may have to wait for your three-month definitive HIV test, but you certainly should not wait to level with your girlfriend and seek the psychological help you need.

Dr. Bob

Pornstar Worries Pt4 Sep 3, 2008

Hello Dr Bob, I now know I have right royally f@cked up!! My ex girlfriends symptoms are still there - five days now, strong as ever!! Cracking headache, wicked sore throat, hard dry cough, neck glands swollen, Diarrhea, fatigue, malaise, fever and body aches all over!! She says she has never felt like this ever in her life!

It's the unproductive cough that has convinced me this is ARS. Everything I have read says that ARS is different to normal flu in that there is none or very little sputum/congestion produced!! I'm waiting for my ARS to start now. I know I have to tell her. She will be absolutely crushed! Mine and her family will disown me, they will not understand.

When I think about it Doc I have had multiple possible exposures. One CSW told me her husband had cheated on her and she no longer trusted men. She gave me oral with a condom but I never saw her take it from the packet - maybe she reused a condom from an earlier client. Roughly two weeks later I had this massive hive like rash on my left arm and lower abdomen.

And about six weeks ago I was very drunk and a women called me over and asked if for fifty pounds would I like to sleep with her the whole night. I agreed to this, but after my memory fails me cos all I can remember is seeing in a drunken haze a women pulling up her knickers. When I got home and sobered up this panicked me, I checked to see if I had any vaginal juices or cum on me but found none. My clothes looked intact and I don't think I could have achieved an erection but who knows. She did mention condoms! I know I sound like a mad man but I am terrified for my ex!!

How should I procede Dr Bob, please advise me and give me your opinion.

Yours faithfully Reluctant Pornstar from the UK.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Worry Wart Porn Star,

Are you back again??? So now it's not just "helping" your starlet-harlot, but also CSWs and women pulling up their knickers before you blacked out in a drunken stupor! Hmm . . . dude, enough is enough. It's time to man-up and do what you know needs to be done:

  1. Level with your girlfriend.

  2. Get an HIV test three months after your last potential exposure.

  3. Clean up your act! Play safely or keep your rocket in your pocket!

Dr. Bob

Pornstar Worries Pt3 Sep 2, 2008

Hello Dr Bob, sorry I am back here when you told me that I had nothing to worry about. But my ex Girlfriend has come down with a bad "Flu" like illness exactly two weeks after she gave me unprotected oral.

I know what you say about symptoms. Basically she has a very bad dry cough, sore throat, high temperature, painful feeling in her neck - she assumes it's her glands, body aches all over and a stinking headache - plus she said she feels like she's drunk??. I know she ticks a few of the classic ARS symptoms boxe's.

If Dr Bob the Pornstar/Escort infected me, would I have enough HIV in my pre cum in 24 hours to infect her? You are the expert Doc please enlighten if you can!?

The same Pornstar asked me to help her again but I flat out refused her - I wanted to ask her HIV status but couldn't.

I include a copy of my original question Doc if you can't remember me. Feeling sad and anxious now!!!

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Porn Star Wannabe,

One sentence in your post really caught my attention. It reads: "If Dr. Bob the Pornstar/Escort infected me, would I have enough HIV in my precum in 24 hours to infect her?"!!!!!!!!! Hmm . . . "Dr. Bob the Pornstar/Escort" would have been shocking enough, but then to add the suggestion I infected you!?!?!?!?! Did Rove or Cheney put you up to this? They are always trying to slime someone's reputation. So to set the record straight (gay), I've never been an escort or a porn star except for perhaps that time in college when . . . but I digress.

Back to your question! Speaking of that question, haven't I already addressed it??? Yes, looking back on my initial answer, I have indeed. Now exactly which part of ". . . you can't transmit something you don't have and you don't have HIV" are you having difficulty understanding??? You state you "know what (I) say about symptoms." If this is indeed the case, you shouldn't be freaking out because your girlfriend has symptoms of a common cold!

Stop "feeling sad and anxious!" You have absolutely no reason to do so.

As for Ms. Up and Cuming Porn Starlet, how much "help" could she possibly need??? Perhaps she's enjoying the helper more than she needs the help?

Dr. Bob

Pornstar Worries Pt2 Aug 20, 2008

Dr Bob, Thank you, Thank you, how many times can I thank you for answering my fears.

But I really was trying to help her out. She needed video models of her doing several sex acts to build up her portfolio so she could show an American Producer her work!!! She gave me a reduced rate if I allowed her to video the session.

I had a previous scare a year ago so that was why I always insist on everything being protected.

The counsellor I spoke to said that the lube would have diluted the anal fluids on my hands, you have just backed up what they have said. Thank you Dr Bob so much!!!!!!!!!!

Reluctant Pornstar!

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey there Reluctant Porn Star,

You're welcome! And I must mention that I'm getting all sorts of mail from dudes also wanting to "help" your porn starlet. I'd say we have enough volunteers just over the past 24 hours to make a dozen full-length porn flicks. So if your up and "cuming" starlet needs more help, just let me know.

Dr. Bob

Pornstar worries Aug 19, 2008

Hello Dr Bob, How are you? Do you think Obama will win?

Anyway to my question which is two parted.

I stupidly agreed to help out an up and coming Porn Actress from the UK. She gave me covered oral which I'm not to worried about, but it is the next bit which has got me in a high state of anxiety. I entered her anus with a condom on, but a combination of her putting loads of lube up her anus and me not being able to maintain a erection I managed to somehow insert a couple of fingers into her anus. My fingers were covered in lube and i suppose anal fluids. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to cum I pulled out and took the condom off, with the same hand that touched the condom and had the lube and anal fluids I masturbated my penis to orgasm over her bottom.

When I realised what I had done I ran to the bath and washed my hands and penis with soapy water, this was after say a minute. Would this be classed as unprotected anal? What about my hands entering her anus? I had no unbroken skin on my hands. This woman is a escort as well, and allows clients to cum in her mouth and swallows, so she has a high chance of being HIV+.

I spoke to a sexual health counsellor and a UK national HIV/AIDS helpline and they both said low risk. BUt I know you are the true expert - what are my chances Dr Bob?

This brings me to the second part of my question, 24 hours later I had protected sex with my ex girlfriend but I gave her oral sex, deep french kissing and she sucked my penis unprotected - no cum, just some pre cum in her mouth. If I was seroconverting from the episode above could I have infected her in the timeframe of 24 hours?

I searched the archives and could not find an answer to the secound part of my question!! Please help, I'm scared to death of having ARS in a week or two!!

Yours faithfully, Reluctant Pornstar

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Reluctant Porn star,

So you were helping out an up-and-coming porn actress by allowing her to give you a blowjob and anal sex??? Hmm . . . OK, if you say so.

Your fears of acquiring HIV are unwarranted. Masturbation, even using the same hand that took the condom off and fingers that did some backdoor exploring, is not considered to be an HIV-transmission risk. Similarly, your fears of transmitting HIV are equally unwarranted. To begin with, you can't transmit something you don't have. And you don't have HIV. Second, you had "protected sex" with your porn-starlet. HIV cannot permeate intact latex. No way. No how. So, assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail, your HIV risk would be essentially nonexistent. (Oral sex carries only a very minimal risk of HIV transmission/acquisition). And kissing, well just remember the lyrics to that old song, "A kiss is just a kiss . . . as times goes by."

If you remain "scared to death," despite my reassurances, get an HIV test at the three-month mark to put your unwarranted worries permanently to rest.

Play safe and you'll stay safe, even if you're playing with the next Linda Lovelace.

Dr. Bob