I am a gay man with receptive role. I am on Prep since last 3 years and I am consistent with my dose. Due to history of sexual abuse as a child and teen, I tighten myself while having anal sex and a friend long ago hooked me up on poppers. Honestly poppers have helped me a lot in enjoying sex. I DO NOT use any other drug even though Cannabis is legal in Canada. What are the long term implications of poppers, Prep and HIV and STIS?


Hi and thanks for writing,

There is no literature to indicate any interaction between poppers and antiretrovirals, including Truvada used for PrEP. There are some data that indicate a heightened increase for acquiring the HIV virus and other STIs among those who use poppers.

Like any mood-altering substance you have to evaluate if you are using more than you used to to achieve the same effect, or if there are negative consequences in your life because of your popper use.

There is an important caution regarding poppers: as you know they relax smooth-muscle tissue which can cause a precipitous drop in blood pressure. Drugs like Viagra operate in a similar way so poppers and Viagra are a dangerous combination.