Poetry Month at TheBody.com: HIV/AIDS-Related Poems From Our Readers

April is National Poetry Month in the U.S., so throughout the month, TheBody.com collected reader submissions of poetry about living with, or being affected by, HIV/AIDS. Here are those poems.

Poems From Our Readers

  • A Poem by Bryan Fleury (posted May 5)
    "Fearing old friends in public, / avoiding eye contact, / the double take I get / makes me want to cry."

  • Two Poems by Lisa (posted May 5)
    "Heaven above will shine upon; / Those you chose to lay this on."

  • Two Poems by Matthew (posted May 5)
    "Feel the power / Trust the strength and power of the universe / Learn to be loved / And learn to be at peace / with the simple things in life"

  • A Poem by Rollins (posted May 5)
    "Thief of souls, can you feel me? / Does it taste like gold? / Run through my dreams and reach for my heart, / Take your grip and rip me apart."

  • A Poem by Shaun (posted May 5)
    "Cover my soul / in a transparent net"

  • A Poem by A.G. (posted April 30)
    "i count my days in twos and threes / in life and death and pills / every night i make the choice to live / or let myself be killed"

  • A Poem by Robert Breining (posted April 30)

  • Two Poems by Anonymous (posted April 28)
    "They give you these meds / you don't like to take, / but to tell you the truth, / I hate them too. / So don't take them. / Make me happy. / Otherwise we'll be fighting."

  • A Poem by Terry Delonas (posted April 23)
    "A glimpse of the Eternal from wooden steps, / On an upward path back to the world, / Steps I was forced to sit upon, forced to enjoy, / For lack of strength that had not quite returned"

  • A Poem by londonsw (posted April 20)
    "Do not make my body weak / Do not let me die / When I go I take you with me / So be my friend till the very end"

  • Three Poems by Mike A. (posted April 20)
    "TREAT YOURSELF NOW // In ways that / SAVE YOU // REACH OUT / and keep KNOCKING / until a BETTER door opens"

  • A Poem by Michelle (posted April 12)
    "But the virus multiplying in my blood / Is fueled by people's fear -- 'stigma'"

  • A Poem by BJ (posted April 9)
    "I want you to know that this life is cold and bitter but it's also made of the sweetest sugar. So I pray you have the strength to taste it."

  • Five Poems by Ronnie De Koker (posted April 9)
    "Do people think that we are less human? / Hiv is just in me, it is not me! / It does not define who I am, / Nor the people that have it"

  • A Poem by Christa (posted April 7)
    "My exterior is fused with an uninvited guest, / covered with shame, / ashamed that I am battling to disclose a secret, / in exchange for some peace. / No one wants to see this, talk about it... / questioning looks, don't you have any shame? / I do."

  • A Poem by David I. Joseph (Chakena R. Conway) (posted April 7)
    "HIV is not a virus / It is a motivator / Energy refresher / A battery charger / Smile / Heads high / Go fight / Live life / Make right / What sin made wrong / Take time / And make your life long"

  • A Poem by Curls1983 (posted April 7)
    "Time goes by like an eternity and the wait gets worse and worse, / Finding out positive or negative, everyday feels like a curse."

  • A Poem by Brooke Davidoff (posted April 7)
    "I did not feel sad / no fear, or anger / I felt power / A surge of destiny / like this was my new calling"

  • A Poem by Gloria Makatshaba (posted April 7)
    "HIV you are the divider, you are a ruler, but not the end to me / you divide my inner soul, trample it, you crushed me, but not yet."

  • Eleven Poems by Valynn (posted April 7)
    "You can't touch the enemy / But You can touch its victims / You can't see the enemy / But You can see its devastation"

  • A Poem by Brett (posted April 1)
    "I am the most deadly rose."

  • Two Poems by Joseph Ohmer (posted April 1)
    "If I CAN keep growing no matter HOW great or small, / Then I'm more, / More than just three letters."

  • A Poem by veganplease (posted April 1)
    "Skillfully was I Awakened / from my deep, tenebrous Slumber / to the Epiphany of my Numbered Days."