Poetry: Hope

Hope ... the word rolls around on my tongue,
slides around my mouth giving an exquisite taste sensation.
I open up my jaws, ready to take a bite --
can it really, truly, be mine?
Hope ... I desperately want to believe it,
to taste it, to enjoy it, to luxuriate in it.
To make the future a part of me --
to lead me to dream of a better tomorrow.
Hope ... I slowly relish the sweet taste,
enjoying this moment in time
when life itself seems possible- even desirable.
This is what I have longed for ever so long --
this one tiny morsel, one glimpse in the midst of this wretched life of

I wrote this poem in November of 2006, as I pondered for the first time since my diagnosis the possibility of hope. In our next blog Carmen Anthony and I will be sharing some more of our story and talking about ever-elusive Hope.

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