Poems By Body Positive Readers

A Rose Among Weeds

Forgive me my tears upon your
     departure . . . and the ones
     I shed unbeknowst to you,
     while I remained.
For I cannot help but cry
     when overwhelmed.
     And overwhelmed I am.
I have seen the beauty of a
     soul with a love of life,
     an innocence and shyness
     which I had never known,
     and had long since ceased
     to believe existed.
I keep with me the knowledge
     that you did exist.
That is some consolation.
You were real.
For a short while,
     you were mine
     to share love with.
I need that peace again,
     having been denied it
     this year.
Oh, my love, I cry.
     I cry in the joy of having
     known you, and the sorrow
     of your having to leave.
I liken you unto an oasis
     in a desert. Can I be
     blamed for wanting to
     remain in your presence?
You were a flag blowing in the
     wind, changing directions
     as swiftly and quietly as
     the breeze that guided you.
You were as a child
     watching the rainbow,
     anticipating the happy times
     following a storm.
You accepted my love,
     and in your way,
     gave love back to me.
Should I find myself wandering,
     and stoop to find a rose
     nestled amongst weeds,
     I shall be reminded of you.
And again, I shall probably cry.

-- Edward

Life Hurts & Thank You

As you read this it took many, many miles.
This poem comes from the heart which is rare.
I hope this poem brings you lots of smiles.
I want you to know that I truly care.
I know in the past that all I had was greed --
But now I give you warmth and joy.
God has touched my heart to do a good deed,
Like a kid with brand-new toy.
I never knew we could have a strife --
Maybe it had to be done;
But it brought us back to life.
I'm sorry that I had to be the one.
You showed so much love to me --
I'm glad that's the way it had to be.
     I never thanked you
     For bring me into this world.
     And being there for me.
          Life does hurt, but
          Thank you mother very much.

I'd like to say thank you to a very special person. I'll never forget what you did to help me through the years by trying to push me to be a better person in life. Love always, your son,

-- Glenn Jason Longstreet

In Memory of Luke

You closed your eyes, and I said goodbye
As tears rolled down my face;
I held your hand as you died
Wishing I could take your place.

Farewell my lover and my friend
As you journey on ahead;
One day I'll see your face again
Our love will never be dead.

Four small letters took you away
Now a year has gone by;
But as I start another day
I continue to wonder why?

-- Joseph A. Sconyers III

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