A poem for your thoughts


Hi handsome. Just wanted to add that I have been HIV Positive since 1988. Like you I am in excellent health. I believe positive energy is the biggest key. Thanks so much for all the help you have provided and contibute to provide to others. It's obvious to me that your role on this earth is to help others until death do us part. Please take care of yourself and your partner too. I write poetry and wanted to share one with you and your fans. Take care.

My Life Is Short

Time for me is slipping away. I long to live for just one more day.

Life for me I know will be short. I believe death is always the last resort.

I do unto others and for myself when I can. I'm sure our caring for others is part of the big happy plan.

I need to continue to help another as long as I can. There is really nothing wrong with helping out my fellow man.

It's the game of life that I play. For right now though, I think it's first base where I will stay.

Brian Bragdon

Copyright ©2004 Brian Bragdon


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your kind comments and thoughtful poem. It's infinitely better than the last one someone sent in, which started "There once was a stud from Nantucket . . . ."

Stay well, Brian!

Dr. Bob