Hello Doctor, So I'm trying to recover from partying with guys online and its been 2 weeks I've been clean. I caught gonorrhea in the mouth and anal. When it came to anal (I'm bottom) he used a condom although he tease me with his dick around my anus and just a tad bit went inside. I knew he had precum but Im I at any HIGH risk for hiv? I heard hiv is very fragile and will die in the air in milisecs but I just want to have some reassurance. Plus I caught an std. Please contact me asap. Im so worried


Although you may not be a HIGH risk, you are at risk for HIV. Yes, HIV can be spread by precum, so even if a small amount were "deposited" at your anus, later during insertion it could be pushed deeper. The risk is still there, although much less than if he ejaculated without a condom (about 1 in 70 risk Baggaley RF et al. Int J Epidemiol 2010).

It is best to be as safe as possible and get yourself tested for HIV. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of acute (new) HIV infection, which can include fever, rash, sores in the mouth, swollen glands. Discuss with your doctor about possibly using Pre-exposure prophylaxis, which may be available soon.

Best, Joe