Good Day Dr. Fawcett,

I am interested in doing PMMA injections to restore my face and buttocks down to level 4 lipoatrophy. Is there a list of well trained doctors you could provide me with that do work with PMMA permanent filler safely and knowledgably. Doctors that might have easy access to. I'd like to be able to take a plane to the doctor's city location without any further road travel, max 2 trips. I live in Montreal, Canada and I'm looking to have such procedures done as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your help, I do appreciate it. Jose



I think we have emailed back and forth before.

Here is information on PMMA and contacts: Facial Wasting Products

In my opinion the best doctors in the world for PMMA are Dr Serra in Rio de Janeiro (Dr Serra's website ) , Dr Casavantes in TJ (Casavantes' site), Dr Carruthers in Vancouver, and Dr Pierone in the US(who you can contact here Dr Pierone Expert Column)

You may want to read my report from a conference attended by most of them:

Second Bioplasty Congress in Mexico- PMMA for facial and buttock lipoatrophy

Good luck