plz plz plz reply fourth time sking, dying with symptoms


Iam a Indian male of age 25 yrs. I met a local prostitute on feb 14. We had vaginal sex for 4 min using a condom. As of my knowledge my condom was intact (I dont know whether it was latex or other and I dont know it has micro holes.). No oral sex. After sex I had cleaned my penis with water. I have asked the lady whether she had hiv. She told no. and told she has two kids also. She told her test before three months negative. But I dont trust her since she may be lieng. My problem is after 9 days of exposure I had developed throat infection, and 12 days after I developed swollen glands on my neck which are painful. I was having difficulty in swallowing. And I am having loose stool for 10 days from the day of exposure. I am having low fever 98.6 to 99.6 F which is going and coming daily. Iam feeling internal hotness in body, fatigue and muscle pains. From last three days (after 27 days of exposure I am feeling sweat , hotness, and slight pain in armpits and groin but there is no abnormal swelling found (still my neck lymphnodes are swollen). I had gone for hiv tridot test and dna pcr test at 23 rd day of exposure, both came negative. Doctor prescribed me antibiotics iam using from fifteen days, still there is no use of them. Please tell me the reason why iam having all the symptoms after protected sex, what is the accuracy of my tests. I was so much worried all these days.


Hi there,

You do not have HIV. The condom protected you from transmission. A PCR DNA test would be fairly accurate at 23 days. If you like, you can go in for a final antibody test at 90 days. I am confident the results will be negative.

I am not sure what is causing your symptoms. I would suggest working with your doctor to determine other possible causes. It is not HIV.

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