plz plz fouth time i sent on oral sex


Hi doctor, I sent third time. I am form india. I go to Malaysia on 3 july and return form Malaysia to india at 7 july. I visited a sex worker in Malaysia on 6 july (11:30 pm). She took my penis in her mouth unprotected, she took it deep in her throat and this lasted probably about 5 minute. Then I have done protected vaginal sex. After 5 days I feeling like unwell, imbalance, dipression, anxiety, and filling like fever but no fever tempareture is normal (98.9) orally. After few day feeling weakness in muscles and suffering from fatigue. This symptoms is still continue. Then for one day I am suffering for diaherra. On 30 aug I am suffered form high fever 103, 104. I go to docter and tell them about all thing about unprotecd oral sex. And on 2/8/13 I go for hiv test ECLIA 4th generation method the result is negative with (0.274). and I have done all blood test also like CBC in CBC lymphocyte come is only 10. So I am worried about my lymphocytes. I have done malaria test, TSH test, SGPT test, TYPHOID test, TB test, all test is normal. And dr says nothing about worried. You are suffering for viral fever. but I am suffering form neck pain (front and back side) last more than 60 days. In a week I am suffering form headaches one or two days. And feeling like fever but tempareture is normal. And 13/09/2013 I feel slightly swelling of my hand and leg pam and figure when I pressed my both palm I suffering from pain. This symptoms is still continue. Every morning feel stiffness and pain in hand and leg palm and figure. Every morning feeling like fever and weakness but tempareture is normal. This symptoms is still continue. On 4/10/2013 and 5/10/2013 I m suffering from diharrea. I suffering from fatigue. And from 1/10/2013 I feel irritation and uncomfortable on foreskin and gland on my penis. One white lesion on my penis gland ( but I dont know this white lesion is due to oral sex. And it may be by born also. I told all thing to my infectious doctor. But he said you are 100% hiv negative because afer 8 week you have done ECLIA 4th generation test which is conclusive after 8 week. And tell me you are suffering from post viral chornic fatigue syndrome. Do not worry about hiv and other STD. Still I am suffering form neck pain (front and back side). Pain in hand and leg palm and pain in figure joints also. Feeling like fever but tempareture in evening (99.2) orally and in morning and night time near by 98.8 orally. kindly give me some advise. I am worry about hiv and other un cureable STD. please give me answer briefly


Hi there,

Unprotected ora sex and protected vaginal sex do not present a high-risk of transmission, and you've tested well outside of the 90 day window. You are HIV negative.

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