I emailed you for the past 6 months and i never got an answer. Now I know why. It's because you didn't want to hurt me and tell me that I was indeed infected. I bet you will not even post my email. I do not blame you but I feel very sad. And yes, I made history with the french kissing story.

My case:

-French kissing a stripper of very high probability of being positive, and I was getting out of a cold at the same time.

-Never had sex (neither oral nor vaginal nor anal) before. Was health and weighted 88 Kgs

-French kiss for 7 seconds only.

-I had mildly chapped lips, and mild gum disease but never aware of blood in my mouth

-I dunno her mouth status but you never know tiny lesion etc...

-Exactly 3 days after, got a rash that looks like hives at the beginning and afterwards like maculopapular rash. Subsided gradually after 6 weeks. First time I get this rash in my life... and weirdly after this french kiss.

-First two weeks after the kiss was very fatigued (sleeping more than usual even during the day). Had low grade fever a day or two.

-Started having these mild white patches 2 months later until now.

-Had dry palms and feet on and off.

-Folliculitis in back of neck for a month and they are still here!

-Caught a cold a month ago, that started with pharyngitis, and I healed in 10 days, but had bronchitis for 2 days after that.

-Aphtous ulcer on inner lip (4mm i think) that healed in 10 days. Never had ulcers in mouth before.

-Was very anxious and stressed. Now I convinced my self all these symptoms are/were due to stress UNTIL:

-Starting May 1, I noticed veins on my palms I never seen before. Progressively, my palms lost fat, and thn my wrists. Then my arms and legs and butts and now my face. Meanwhile I gained fat that really look like under my abdomen and not my skin because when I lie on my bed on the side the fat of my belly goes down with the gravity and nothing remains on the side of my belly: skin and bone under it! And this is new to me. Also I am experiencing accumulation of fat under my chin. Now if THIS is not lypodystrophy related to HIV!! I also feel weak during this month every day and as if my whole body is burning, most probably due to the loss of fat process.

-Finally I can tell when my immune system is weak from the soles of my feet. They seem tingling or burning and when I rub them with my hands my whole body seems to have the "chair de poule" effect if you see what i mean.

-My medical history: Was asthmatic and now mildly, have psoriasis (mild), aged 22, engineer and student, and now out of my mind, considered suicide many times. My test results are gonna come in 10 days, but this lypodystrophy is "la cerise sur le gateau" and drove me crazy.

If there is one thing you can do and I would appreciate is to give me your sincere evaluation and opinon, and pls don't tell me to wait for my results coz i might suicide tomorrow and i mean it specially that I am alone and feel depressed.

-Please tell me if we can donate using VISA card and where and how.

Best Regards, doctor, Now you have two documented cases of acquiring hiv from kissing instead of one. I am ready for providing you with more details.



Hello Mark,

I lied????? Really? How so? Because you can tell your immune system is weak from the soles of your feet???? Hmmm . . . .

Mark, I'll be brief:

  1. Your HIV risk is essentially nonexistent.

  2. Your symptoms are not suggestive of or worrisome for HIV ARS or HIV disease.

  3. You do not have lipodystrophy.

  4. Ta "chair de poule" et "la cerise sur le gâteau" te rendent dingue mais elles n'ont rien à voir avec le VIH ! Pas du tout !

  5. If you are having suicidal thoughts, you need to see a psychiatrist ASAP.

  6. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

  1. Credit card donations to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be made on the foundation's Web site at Just click the Donate tab.

  2. If you plan to write back to this forum, I suggest you begin with an apology and a retraction of the "you lied" comment in the title of your post.

  3. Your HIV test results will be negative.

Dr. Bob