plz help me out i m hell panic


Hi respected doc i m 28 male from bangladesh...coming straight to the incident which took place last year on 27 may 2014 as i had a sex with a prostitute which lasted 4 mins.after that some few days later i had stabbing pain in my kidney areas which used to be to sharp and very unbearable for 3 to 4 seconds along with knee pain in left side with last for months....exactly after 5 weeks o had flu and severe throat infection the worst in my life i ever had accompanied by headache vomiting lose motion and knee joint pain....then after antibiotics it subsided..after then i feel ok for couple of months bt in the sep after 4 months of tht contact again i develop flu with aches in body along with fever and throat infection plus some rashes red dots on my left leg just below the knee few in numbers bt flattened one.i took antibiotics bt it was responding and when i went to doc he told me i had bacterial pneumonia which took me 2 months to get rid of...after tht i had several episodes of diarrhoea and stomach pain and my life is getting hell as when one stops other starts like pain in whole body tiredness headches white tongue...these all i had in one year and its kept coming and goin...and i feel my chest more prone to infections and i feel something is wrong in my i want i to please tell me way out as we lack experience doc here in Bangladesh as its still very uncommon and stigma is very high...plz read my mail and help me out as i depressed like hell...plz show some way out to me ... Test which i done in last one year After 4 months eclia hiv 1 &2 negative After 5 months cmia negative After 5 months dna pcr negative After 7 months eclia negative After 11 month and 15 days eclia negative Sir my few questions from you 1 am infected with some rare strain which took longer time to seroconvert.? 2 am i some kinda person who will seroconvert after one year due to my biological mechanism? 3 is it true tht some people never show anitibodies bt still the are being infected.? 4 due to weak immune i might took longer more then year to seroconvert. ? 5 might b i m infected hiv 2 .? 6 what should i do as i m totally blank plz ans my question i will b very thankfull.plz show me way out as i m in dark...i did vdrl tpha rpr in between and the were negative too.


Hello there You have tested for HIV up to almost one year after the exposure and thus you are negative. I would investigate other causes for your illness. take care Dr W