plz help me 3rd time asking.. i will donate nontheless. part 2.


on nover 3rd you answered the foollowing question:

on a recent trip to mexico, i met a girl who i also had unprotected sex with on 9/25/09. she's not a sex worker or anything thing close to that. i was drunk that night... next morning a hated my self for what i have done. im married and have a 7 month old daughter. upon my return to the us,i contacted the girl in mex and asked her to get tested for hiv...she claims she did and it came back neg. i got tested for hiv, clamydia, gonorhea, syphillis on 10/15/09 at 3 weeks after exposure. hiv was a rapid test (15 minutes) came back my results back on 10/23/09 for the others and were negative. big relieve. i know theres a window period of 3 months for hiv but i've read on here that having a negative test is good news even before 3 months. so after i knew that those results were negative and the girl tested neg. i had sex with my wife twice on 10/24 and 10/25. well by 10/28 i notice some discharge coming from my penus...its yellowish. it doesnt burn when i pee , but it did get a bit itchy on the tip. im freaked out because they said my test were neg. so i called the clinic back the next day to confrim my negative test..and sure enough they said they were neg. so i explained to them my symptoms and asked to beseen again on 10/30 to see a nurse for my symptoms and retest for clamydia/gonorhea. i told the nurse my symptoms and she told me that i had tested 2 wks ago for stds and came back neg. that an std was no my prob. she said go see a doctor.. but ive had clamydia before and the symptoms are pretty similar to this. i start thinking maybe they misshabdled my urine sample or got it mixed up with someone elses and i am really positive for an std. well i talked the nurse into giving me the anti biotics that u take for 7 days and should get my new results on wednesday or thursday. but im also very concernede for my wife. if i do have something she has it ans she is breast feeding. we havent had sex since the dates mentioned above. but can gonorhea or clamydia be transmimttede through breast feeding??? i know this will probably end my marriage once my wife findsout. but is it possible to have a false negative test for gonorhea or clamydia???

plz help me i plan on testing in dec for hiv again


Unprotected sex does put you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. Although unlikely, it is possible to have false-negative STDs screening tests. You should have been reevaluated when you became symptomatic. You may have had a different type of infection, nonspecific urethritis (NSU), for example. Taking the antibiotics without identifying the type of infection can lead to further diagnostic dilemmas. For instance, what if you did have an STD, transmitted it to your wife and then you get treated, but she does not? She then can reinfect you.

To address your primary concern, neither gonorrhea nor chlamydia can be transmitted via breast feeding.

As for what to do now, I would encourage you to level with your wife. It's not only the best way to sort this whole mess out; it's also the right thing to do. It's unlikely this will end your marriage, but your wife does have reason to be really, really pissed off for a while. So be prepared to apologize and accept the consequences of your actions.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob

i wanted to clarify that before i took the m eds for chlamydia , i did get tested again for it and gonorrea. well i called the clinic yesterday and got my results which are negative for both. yesterday was also my las day on the med. i spoke with the nurse and asked her if the discharge that i had was std related,(well atleast for what i had tested before chlamydia gonorrea siphillis) she said no. but on your response you say that it could be NSU. how would i go about testing for this??? my symptoms had gone away with the meds. but i woke up this morning and i noticed a bit of discharge. im freaked out. is there any other std other than NSU that can cause this??? is NSU cured easyly?? i hope you find the time to answer. and can you plz give me the info as to where i should make the donation.



As I mentioned above, it's possible you had a different type of urethral infection or that you and your wife could be passing the same infection back and forth. My advice remains the same:

  1. Level with your wife.

  2. Then you should both get screened for STDs (including, but not limited to chlamydia and gonorrhea). That remains the best way to sort this conundrum out. Treatment is available for a wide variety of types of infectious urethritis.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob