Pls help...what ED drug can I take while on atripla...


Hello Nelson

Kindly advise what ED drugs or supplements are safe to increase libido while on atripla. Thank you for your advise.


Several studies have linked blood levels of free testosterone are linked to sex drive. What are your total and free testosterone blood levels?

There are other factor that can affect sex drive:

1- Lack of good sleep

2- Stress

3- Alcohol and substance abuse

4- Anti-depressants and blood pressure medications

5- Age (you are still young)

6- Diabetes/hypertension

7- Depression

8-Dopamine and serotonin levels

9- Thyroid and testosterone blood levels

10- Lack of sexual stimulation (sex drive is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to be kept healthy)

11- Illness

Efavirenz (Sustiva), an ingredient of Atripla, has been shown to affect sleep quality and also increase estradiol (a female hormone that men need in small quantities). These two factors can worsen sex drive and erectile quality.

Sex drive and erectile quality can also decrease with blood pressure and other medications that are important for health. As we age with HIV, the number of these meds may increase.

If you have low testosterone blood level (under 350 ng/dL), your doctor can prescribe a testosterone gel or injections to bring that level up above 500 ng/dL.

Low dose Cialis (5-10 mg) taken several times per week can also improve erectile function and sex drive in men on or off testosterone replacement.

Talk to your doctor about this issue.

Use of testosterone in HIV

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