dear dr wohl this might be a sort of question you wouldnt hav cum across usually..wot happned was that our servant recently got detected(7 days back) as hiv positive... and whether u say it a coincidence or wot... i found him masturbating on my bed. but that was before the detection. so now its been 30 days after i found him masturbating.damn fellow!!!... nd i threw that pillow which he kept under his penis, (though not vry sure that is the one)in one side of the room... and now i am too anxious to touch it again and give it for laundry.. so if by any means any servant keeps my clothes on the pillow , will the hiv virus get on my clothes.its been atleast 20 days now. one othr coincidental weird thing... i hav got this habit of inserting finger into navel...the navel has become quite wide, and it feels different from the normal skin (even if i touch it superficially, it feels like mucosa i guess, although i havnt really felt mucosa,, but it seems like it is mucosa, because pressing it with a bit of force gives me intense nausea ). now my question is that can the hiv come to my clothes from that pillow if they are kept on the pillow by som servant (somtims i m out for 2-3 days a week)and on to my navel and cause the infection..its been atleast 20 days now...wot if my books touch that pillow.... can hiv virus survive that long....(supposingly the semen had a high viral load). ...........som studies say it can survive fr weeks........ and ya, the environmental temp. here in india is 25-35 celsius nowadays... please reply soon i m so very anxious...........pls pls help reply urgently..pls...i m worried because in one of your answers u told the person that transmission from contaminated objects can occur if exposure is prolonged and significant...... my navel is significantly wide, and once the hiv gets on my shirts from that pillow it will get through my navel in to the body ( i dont wear a vest)from that pillow and the exposur will be prolonged for several days.nd you might be wondering y im not getting that pillow thrown away thats because 1st i m not sure that it was the one and secondly i m worried whosoever will touch it , can transmit the virus to my clothes(if on picking up, he or she also touch my clothes meant for laundry with that pillow)....pls reply asap....... i shall be highly gratful.......pls dr wohl......


You can not get HIV from clothing, bedsheets, pillows. You can not get HIV from inanimate objects. My post may have been referring to the potential for sex toys to spread infection from one partner to another. You have nothing to fear from anything in your bedroom.