Pls doctor i need a professional assesment.


5 weeks ago i had a protected sexual encounter with a south african CSW while on vacation. and a week later i had protected sex with another south african CSW in both cases the condom did not not fail and there was no form of oral contact, i fingered another CSW but no sex nor genital contact. I had a mouth to mouth kiss with another girl and had no sore in my mouth. Note that i had a pubic pimple and after the second sex encounter i went to wash off and pressed the pimple and i noticed that the face was wet and it removed puss. could i have gotten hiv from this pimple? 2 and half week after the episodes when i returned to my country i started having serious anxiety and obsession about possibility of contacting HIv from these persons and the pimple that opened. I started searching the internet for symptoms of HIV even if i had no sign of it as at then and i stumbles upon lymph node swelling as a sign of ars. I started having this obsession and continued to touch my armpit every Minuit in search of lymph, two days later i started feeling this pain in my armpit even in the absence of any form of swelling. I kept touching and before you know the pain became worse and within more two days it had extended to the other armpit and my elbow. the pain is not a joint pain its a kind of stinging pain going through my vein. about four days after it had spread to my knee and other parts of my body. I was feeling this stinging pain and i went to the hospital told the doc and he gave me analgesic injection and malaria treatment. I kept searching the internet for symptoms and oi kept getting them and they seem to manifest after i learn about it.while on my malaria tablets the pain subsided and i started having this burning sensation behind the right knee at first and later the left knee with a kind of pressure on the back of the knee, the sensation/pain/pressure increases at night. Note that this pain did not feel like joint pain or muscle ache. this rash appeared on my body. i have always had problems with rash since i was a child. the rash that appeared was not much i counted about 6 in different parts of my body and they appeared at different times. 2 at the right of my shoulder and 1 at the left with 2 on my body. i did not have diarrhea nor any other feeling and i am extremely anxious. i figured that i started having these symptoms right after i googled hiv symptoms and it keep going. pls help me is this ars? this hot sensation and pressure behind my knee what is it? is it a sign of ars? I keep worrying especially about the pubic pimple that opened after sex and d more i think about it the more i feel anxious and worried and uncomfortable and convinced that i am now positive. Pls can you let me know the possibility of contacting hiv via this pubic pimple at the pubic area during intercourse? Pls i am married and i am afraid to have sex with my wife as i do not want to infect her. I am still feeling this burning sensation 1 month after the sex encounter and about 8 days after the first sign of symptom. Pls i am dying slowly. I read about anxiety and hiv symptoms could this be anxiety? if yes then why is it so peculiar to hiv? I am finished and need urgent help.Note that the rash issue is confusing since i have always had this rash on the upper back of my back which goes and come for years and it appeared again i week after the first sexual encounter and is still there. I have i had tested negative 4 months ago with this rash present and i have always tested negative. pls answer my questions pls. How can i donate to your great organization? pls help. i never heared of hairy tongue until 3 days ago and now i am convinced my tongue is hairy even if i am not sure. my armpit still pain me some times but i dont feel any pain when i touch it. How do i know if my lymph node is swollen as i do not see any swelling only that i feel that my left armpit look fatter maybe due to too much touching. Pls help me. I know i am ranting but that seem to be all i knw how to do these days as i am dead. pls do not forget to tell me how to donate.



HIV from a popped pubic pimple? No. This would not be a significant HIV transmission risk.

You report you would search the Internet for HIV symptoms and often after reading about them you would "seem to manifest them after (you) learned about them." Would you like to guess what's going on here? Yep, these symptoms are anxiety related, not HIV related!

Regarding the pressure and heat sensation behind your knees, no, this is not HIV ARS related. Likewise with all the other symptoms you mention.

Your negative four-month HIV-antibody test is definitive, conclusive and WOO-HOO-able. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Your problem is anxiety, not HIV.

You also state you are "convinced that you are now HIV positive." I, on the other hand, am anything but convinced!

Irrational obsession with HIV can be a sign of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder or hypochondriasis among other psychological conditions. Folks who obsess about HIV sometimes do so because it's a distraction from dealing with more complex issues, such as guilt, infidelity or sexuality issues. You report you are married and afraid to have sex with your wife. Consequently guilt and anxiety may well be contributing to your irrational HIV fears.

My advice is that you level with your wife. It's not only the best way to confront your guilt; it's also the right thing to do. I would also advise you seek consultation with a licensed mental health professional for evaluation and treatment of your anxiety and irrational fears of being HIV infected.

The bottom line is that HIV is not your problem, but you do have a problem that requires attention: the psychological problem of irrational fear of HIV!

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Good luck. Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob