please show me the way..........(HIV TRANSMISSION FROM FINGERNAIL SCRATCH, 2011)


Dear Dr. Bob, I am very much fear of an incident happend to me on 3rd july a party i got a deep scratches from fingurenail of hiv positive fellow on my arm.(about 4 inch deep injury) is there any chance to get infected by this episode and testing is required or not? please help me out i am very much nurvous from that are the only guy who can put my nerves calm and give me appropriate solution for this episode. i promise you i will made $100 donation to your charity for your nobel cause. please answer my question and give me full clarification related to mentioned issue i am feeling that my life is like hell.waiting for your respond, please help me doctor as soon as i got my answer on same time i will move the payment into your charity.i know you are not working for money but still give answer of my question and save my life.plz doctor i am begging for a complete and perfect are the great guy who always help out worried people throughout the globe.please help me out.

Thanks, A WORRIED MANNNNNNNNNN...............


Hello, Worried Mannnnnnn....

The fingernail scratch from the HIV-positive fellow was "4 inches deep"??? WOWZA. Was this guy part werewolf or did he just have Barbra Streisand nails??? No matter. Your HIV-acquisition risk from getting scratched by an HIVer is nonexistent. See link below. Neither worry nor HIV testing is warranted.

Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending you my good-luck/good-health karma that you are now and will forever be HIV free.

Be well.

Dr. Bob

nail scratched (HIV TRANSMISSION FROM FINGERNAIL SCRATCH, 2009)Nov 3, 2009