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Hi Doc First of all let me tell you that I really appreciate and respect you a lot. I am an Indian and would request you to visit India and the spiritual places here Youll love them. I will be sending a donation of Rs 500 by this weekend. Please dont consider this as a bribe to answer my question, it is my small contribution to the good work that your organization is doing.

Now the storyI am 28 years old male, living in India. I had accidently (with some sharp object on a pillar) got a deep cut near the top of my thumb. I am saying deep because the bleeding was Off and On for more than 1 hour. I had applied bandaid at night and removed it in the morning however it still had the wound there that was healing. For 2-3 days it was paining and then the pain stopped however I could see the very very small cut that was there on the wound but it did not pain when came in contact with water, salt etc. Seems that the skin below the wound was getting healed.

6 days post this incident, I picked up a roadside prostitute in my car. I was a little drunk but still in my senses (God's Grace) so did not do any kind of sex. What I did was that I touched (softly rubbed, caressing) her upper body and legs with my hand for some time.

Here are my worries. I would request you to please help me out since I am married and one ,am feeling extremely guilty about what I did and am not getting the courage to speak to my wife, moreover I want to ensure that she does not suffer because of my foolishnesses. My questions:-

  1. How long would such a wound take to cure? As written earlier, it was 6 days post this wound that I carrassed the girl.
  2. Although, I do not recall seeing any blood on the wounded thumb, is it possible that a small blood drop from her leg might have got on my thumb? Could it go into a 6 day old wound that was healing?
  3. Do I need to go for a test due to this episode to ensure safety of my partner?



Thank you for your kind comments and donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( Both are warmly appreciated.

Regarding your specific questions, your fears are unwarranted.

  1. Wounds, depending on severity, take various amounts of time to heal. Without examining your "deep cut," I really cannot give you a specific timeframe for healing. However, from what you describe, your wound (six-days old) was well along in the healing process and would not pose any significant HIV risk if it were to come into contact with HIV-infected fluids.

  2. No, the chance of this happening and transmitting HIV is so remote it is essentially nonexistent.

  3. No, HIV testing would not be medically warranted or recommended. However, if you continue to perseverate on HIV, despite my reassurance, get an HIV-antibody test (rapid, test, ELISA, EIA) at the three-month mark. It will undoubtedly be negative, but if this helps put your worries permanently to rest, it may be worth the effort.

Finally, you report you are feeling extremely guilty. I suggest you level with your wife. It's not only the best way to confront your guilt; it's also the right thing to do.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob