Please, please, Dr. Wohl! seriously losing it


On July 12th I had protected sex with someone I do not know barely at all, He did ejaculate the first time, but I know it didn't break because I checked, then he wanted to do it again so we used a thinner condom, and I never got to check if it broke or not, although he says it didn't. At the same time, I am extremely worried he does have a fatal STD as he has been in jail, prison for a year (which I was never aware of) and gets defensive and upset and can barely make eye contact with em everytime I asked him about his status, even from the beginning. I got a Oraquick rapid test(not the combo) at 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, at 27 days I got a PCR DNA test, they both came back negative. I know they say it takes 28 days, would that 1 day make a difference? since it was only 27. Every doctor says something different about the time frame but all say I don'thave it, how can they be sure when I didn't test at the 3 month mark? Throughout this time I experienced sore throat, diaharrea that has not gone away, muscle pain, now an explainable runny nose and sneezing. I never get diaharrea like this and I never get a random runny nose. I do nto want to take another test because The time I had to wait for the PCR test t come in, I literally had a psychological break down, and had to go to the hospital for 3 days. I totally stepped out of my life duties and responsibilities and I can't face that anxiety again. It takes over my life. I also had a small pimple on my stomach which is an irregular place to have it, also a few bumps on the outter skin fo my vagina, but the doctor said those were swollen glands she thinks.

I am thinking about contacting th epolice to make sure he takes a test, either way if he has it he did expose me to it.

The diaharrea wont go away or the runny nose, and the doctor told me the HIV patients he's worked with have constant diaharrea and that it's almost exclusively gay men who have it around here. Please help me.

Am I infected?


The PCR looks for the actual virus and if that is undetectable, you were not infected with HIV on July 12. Your symptoms are likely due to the high level of anxiety you are reporting.

You are HIV negative and need not call the police or get any further HIV testing.