Please, Oral Thrush is Killing me!



I'm 23, and 6 months ago I had protected sex with a prostitute. I had a negative Elisa at 2 months.

At 2.5 months I had oral thrush that hasn't gone yet. I used Nystatine and Miconazole, and all goes OK until I finish the threatment. Then thrush rise up again.

I retested at 4th month: negative.

I have read that oral thrush is an early thing of HIV infection. What does early mean? 2 or 3 months after infection? May I be infected with HIV?

Why I develop this symptoms if I did protected sex?

Do I need to retest at 6 month?

I am very scared, and oral thrush is very very annoying.

Thanks in advance.


It is unlikely that you are infected with HIV. A negative test four months after exposure (and well after you first manifested symptoms of thrush) means that you are not infected with HIV. It is highly unlikely that you would have been infected when having sex with a condom.

Thrush (oral candidiasis) is not common in healthy adults. Someone who is not immune compromised is unlikely to experience thrush. Candida, the fungus that causes candidiasis, normally exists in a person's mouth but is kept under control by normal bacteria. Any condition that alters your immune system or the mucosal environment of your mouth can lead to thrush. Certain illnesses (commonly HIV), use of certain medications, and possibly stress, are some possible causes of thrush.

It is important to remember that some people who appear otherwise healthy, do experience thrush. This does not necessarily mean that HIV is the cause. Continue to consult with your doctor until you resolve this matter.