Please..I'm begging you. I need your help! Will Donate!


Hi Doctor.

I will donate! Please help me! I had sex with two different guys and I don't remember if I was wearing protection because I was drunk. One of the men was diagnosed with aids and now I'm so freaked out. I remember licking his scrotums and he rubbed his penis across my vagina. I tested negative for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hiv, trichomoniasis, hep A, Hep b, and Hep c after three months exposure with a unigold rapid test at the clinic. What is the difference between an Elisa test and the uni gold rapid test? Is my life over? Please!! Could I be reassured that these results are as accurate as the Elisa?



You remember licking his "scrotums?" Hmm. How many did he have?

Being so drunk you don't recall whether you used protection with your duet of dudes is not wise. Luckily your STD screen, including HIV, was negative at three months. Uni-Gold rapid tests and ELISA tests both assay for anti-HIV antibodies. Yes, you can consider your negative test as reliable as a negative ELISA test.

As for is your life over, nah, not yet . . . Unless you're planning to commit hara-kiri or get hit by an errant lightening bold or something like that.

Dr. Bob