Please Help-Transmission by sharing drinking water cup


Dear Mr. Kull, I am very much worried about this incidence, your advice will be very much helpful. Recently I happened to drink water from a cup, that is used by a few people, at a party. is there a chance of hiv transmission, If there is any blood strain in that cup. (I do not know if there were any blood strain in the cup). Assuming if there is some strain, do you think the water will kill the hiv, if there is any. Thanking you, Peter



No one has been infected by sharing a drink with an HIV positive person. Water will not kill HIV, but that really isn't the issue here. HIV is just not spread by casual contact.

There have been several studies that examine the risk of transmission through casual contact. Family members living with an HIV positive person in all of these studies did not become infected. Family members in these studies did not take special precautions to prevent infection and shared beds, clothes, toilets, toys, toothbrushes, food, and baby bottles.

See the response to Casual Contact for more on this topic.