Please help still worried


Hi Doctor,

I participated in mutual masturbation with 4 guys during july and august of 2005 with a few of them giving me oral. Since this time i have had symptoms of sore throats, strep, sinus problems, hoarseness, mucus in back of throat, neck pain, feeling of swollen glands in neck and groin, pain in upper right abdomin. I have tested at 7.5 weeks and 91 days after the last encounter with both test being negative. I am uncircumsized with tight foreskin. I am worried about hiv because of the symptoms. Should I still be worried?



Nope. A negative HIV test out to 91 days trumps symptoms every time! Whatever is causing your symptoms, it's not HIV. Have your doctor check you out if symptoms are persisting. It sounds as though it may be a sinus infection, but that's only a guess, as obviously I can't make diagnoses over the Internet.

Dr. Bob