please help! (SOCKS, SOCK-SEX, 2010)


Can you get hiv if you wear a sock that it was used to clean cum? Last night I had sex with a guy and we used my sock to clean his cum and then I wear it... I know it was stupid but please answer



You wore a spunked-up sock? Hmm. Despite a significant "ick" factor, your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. I'll repost below a few other "sock" stories.

Dr. Bob

HIV from Sock Jan 5, 2007


this might sound ridiculous but here goes...I was at a fraternity that was extremely dirty and likely full of people with STDs all over the place for about 8 hours. I didnt take off my shoes. A couple of hours later, I was with my girlfriend and she was giving me a hand job and right before I came, I took my shoe off, and put my sock over myself so my stuff wouldnt go all over the place. My sock was pretty sweaty, and probably touched the outside of my shoe when I took it there any way that my shoe could have had any trace of HIV on it or in it, from anything I stepped on, and the moistness of my sock soaked it up, and when I placed it over myself, transmitted the virus to me? This happened probably two hours after leaving the frat. I left the sock on for quite a while after I came as well. Is there any risk of transmission from this? Very Nervous! Thanks.

Response from Dr. Frascino


HIV from a sweaty sock???? Please tell me you're kidding.

Dude, if HIV were so easily transmitted, it would have wiped out the entire planet years ago.

Finally, I thought the old phrase, "sock it to me," went out with Goldie Hawn and Laugh-In. (You probably have absolutely no idea what I'm referring to, do you? That's OK. Our 40-something readers may well remember.)

Bottom line: Relax, Max. The only thing you have to worry about is how to get all that sticky spunk out of your Gold Toe crew sock.

To avoid questions that "might sound ridiculous" in the future, I'd suggest you review the information on this site and related links about how HIV is and is not transmitted, OK?

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Is sock-sex sangerous? May 5, 2007


I just found my boyfriend's sock and it had cum in it. Is that wierd or what? I think he may have used it more than once since it was last laundered. Is he in danger of getting an STD?

Worried Gal

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Worried Gal,

That your boyfriend used a sock is really not all that uncommon. See below! My assessment of his HIV/STD risk is nonexistent. Even if he uses it several times between trips to the "Sit and Spin" Laundromat, he still is not at risk. He can't give himself an STD that he doesn't already have! Frevinsakes!

Dr. Bob

How long could HIV survive on clothing? Jun 26, 2006

Ok heres what happened. I brought my girlfriend back to my dorm room and we had sex. I didn't have any condoms, but we didn't care but she told me to pull out. Now i had just changed my sheets so, in a moment of panic i reached for anything close by, a sock happened to be in the drawer of my nightstand. So i put "mini me" in the to catch my semen. So, i finshed and cleaned up with the sock. Then much to my horror i then discovered that it wasn't my sock! It was my roommates "Special Sock" My room mate isn't exactly the "cleanest" person he's had alot of partners, and thats what really worries me.

So now i'm freakin' out. I can't even remember if the sock was damp or just dry.

So my Question is again,

how long HIV/Aids survive on a sock?

Response from Dr. Frascino


You are worried about spunking into your roommate's "special sock"???? I'm not sure which is more remarkable: that your roommate actually has a "special sock" or that you managed to find it and squirt it full of baby batter all because you wanted to protect your recently changed sheets. Exactly how did your stud-muffin roommate's "special sock" wind up in your nightstand and how infrequently do you change your sheets??? Oh never mind. HIV does not survive very long at all outside the body. And in an environment as undesirable as your roomy's "special sock", I'll bet even HIV would commit hari-kari as soon as it realized where it was.

I'd set your HIV risk factor at nonexistent; however, I'd set your "icky, unappetizing things to do with your mini me" factor off the charges.

Stay well. Buy some condoms!

Dr. Bob

Masturbation using a plastic baggy Oct 27, 2007

This sounds bad but rather than using my hand masturbating for sometime now i've been using a plactic bag filled with lotion and sticking it in the couch to simulate sex I'm wondering if i'm at risk for catching anyting


Response from Dr. Frascino


Dude, relax. You're not the first one to have a meaningful sexual relationship with their couch (or mattress and box spring) with the help of a Ziploc and some Oil of Olay. The true risk of such activities is not catching "anyting," but rather getting caught by your mom, girlfriend, wife or boyfriend. Were you really worried about catching an STD from your sofa? Did you think maybe the sofa was cheating on you?

One improvement to your Mr. Happy (in a sandwich bag full of hand lotion) inserted into couch love-a-thon would be to cover the whole apparatus with a sock. It increases the slip and slide quotient. The sock goes on the outside so it's Mr. Happy then lotion then baggy then sock then couch. Try it. You'll like it. And this, by the way, definitely qualifies as safe sex! So enjoy your personal home entertainment center, worry free!

Dr. Bob

A generalization Jan 12, 2005

Dear Doctor Frascino,

I wrote a letter to you about my sock fetish experience but there was no reply. I presume this is because it was a stupid question and there is no potential threat for me.

I also spent the better time of yesterday reading the forum. I think I read almost everything and this is what I extrapolated from all your answers:

The only way to contract HIV is if you engage in:

-sex (anal, vaginal, oral) -use needles for drugs and share them with people who are HIV +ve -and through mother to child (breast milk).

Everything else doesn't bear a risk for contraction of HIV. Even if a small amount of semen or vagina fluid falls on your penis, if its wiped off there is no potential threat.

I hope I get at least a small and quick reply from you. I wish I could donate some money, but I am a university student supported by my family. If I use a credit card, they will know and I could be in trouble. If you take cash, I will gladly send it, but I have no other means of helping with a donation.

What else can I say other than to mention that you are doing an amazing job and if I could go back in time, I would like to become a doctor and help people like you are doing. I think it is the best profession there is, to be a doctor and help people in need.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best to you Doctor Frascino!

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Sock-Guy,

Thanks for your kind comments!

You've done your homework well. The three basic modes of HIV transmission you mention are correct. However, as always, if someone feels they have placed themselves at risk for HIV, they have the option to get HIV tested at the three-month mark.

As for that guy who likes to come in his shoes, well I guess that's a real "UGG Boot".

By the way, I used to use socks to get off when I was a kid, thinking it was a great way to keep Mom from knowing what I was up to. However, it didn't take her long to figure that one out! Apparently she didn't buy my explanation that I had "stepped on a milkshake" at school.

Stay well, Sock-Guy,

Dr. Bob

Please help! Can HIV "run" up a stream of sperm? Oct 17, 2003

Can HIV "run" up a stream of sperm? I know this must sound ridiculous, but while masturbating recently, I realised I had nowhere to cum, so I grabbed a sock that I had worn more than 24 hours earlier to catch my goo. My cum was very thick and I have a feeling that, at times, the 'rope' of sperm was touching the sock while still coming out of my penis. So now I'm worried that if there was HIV on my socks, that it could somehow "run" up the sperm and into the mucous membranes on my penis. Is this possible? How quickly does HIV invade a liquid that it's touching?

Response from Dr. Frascino


You "know this must sound ridiculous?" Well, you've got that part right. Now on to your question about HIV sprinting up your rope of goo. First off no, HIV doesn't do retro-goo runs. Second, why would you think your socks had HIV on them in the first place? Had someone else goo-ed them in the 24 hours since you took them off?

Dr. Bob