Please Help. PEP and OCD drugs interactions


Hi. Im taking PEP <1.Truvada, 2.Isentress> these days(almost finished). But also I have OCD problems so recently I got 4 species of OCD drugs.

In morning : 1.ZANAPAM Tabs.[Alprazolam] 0.25mg x 1 2.Lexapro Tab. 10mg x 1 At night : 1.Clomipramine HCL. Capsule 25mg Myungin x 3 2.Diazepam Tab. 5mg Myungin x 1

Now I take Only PEP. I didn't start OCD drugs.

Question : 1.Are there any drug interaction with those drugs? 2.Can I take OCD drugs after finish PEP?


Hello and thanks for posting.

I use any one of a variety of online drug-drug interaction checkers- like ePocrates, for example.

Using this, there aren't any significant interactions between your OCD drugs and your HIV PEP medications (Truvada and Isentress). There are possible interactions between your OCD medications that are identified this way, and this should be checked with your other healthcare providers or pharmacist.

So, no. There aren't any problems taking your current medications with your OCD meds, and can continue taking them through the course of your PEP treatment. Make sure that you get appropriate medical follow up at 1 and 3 months after your exposure.

I hope this helps, BY