please help.. HIV Results and symptoms


Hello , I am 25 years old. I did swx with prostitute on 8th may with condom but don't know whether it was broken or not. After a week sympotoms are started like acute fatigue n flue. It ended up by 15 days I did hiv rapid test after 3 months at that time symptoms were joint pain n fatigue. Now 6 months are completed , I again did hiv 1 and antibody test the test is negative . But still I have small fatigue n joint muscle pain? Am I hiv free? What about then symptoms? Is it related to std? What should I do right now? I am totally confused.


Hello there Given that you have tested at 3 and 6 months and engaged in a very low risk activity since you used condoms, I would say confidently that you are not infected. I cannot explain your symptoms but would suggest having a medical evaluation and removing the focus from HIV. Take care Dr W