please help me (FLESHLIGHT FEARS, 2011)


Dear Dr Frascino,Thank you for your dedication to this site and the people you help on it.You truly are one of a kind. Some weeks ago, I wrote a letter to you concerning exposure from a sex toy (fleshlight material vagina).I had found it in it's box and in a plastic bag in the box, near the refuse of an adult store and made a far too way out assumption they were changing their stock in the store or something. I took it home more out of curiousity than any thing else.However, in a moment of logic lapse hornyness,I used it with a condom, but the condom tore,probably due to not enough lube.So, now i'm thinking,"What the hell did I do?" Exactly 2 weeks later,I have had all the major infection symptoms plus swollen parotids and mouth ulcers.I have since been in a state of shock and paralysis.To make matters even worse than this,on the 5th day of symptoms,while brushing my teeth,some ulcers in my mouth began bleeding into the sink and surrounding edge. I whiped everything up I could see and then used rubbing alcohol on the whole area.Shortly afterwards, my father visited me and went into the bathroom.Then it struck me.OH GOD,can he get infected if he touches something I missed? He has roscea on his nose,so if he touched something and then his nose,I began fearing the worst.Is any of this at least theoretically possible? This letter is not a joke.I am truly concerned about this whole experience and in a state of paralysis concerning testing because of the horror of having been infected in this way.Please,please help me.I have been thinking about suicide for the first time in my life because of this.I would be eternally grateful for any response to this letter.A few sentences of direction,opinion. Please help me. Thank you.



Another fleshlight fluffernutter!?!? Dudes who buy fleshlight toys seem to be as wacky and paranoid as Tea Party lunatics discussing, well, discussing just about anything. See link below.

Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent as is your father's! I suggest you seek counseling from a licensed mental health professional to address your totally irrational fears about HIV. You should also review the information in the archives of this forum, paying particular attention to exactly how HIV is and is not transmitted.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

fears of male sex toy (FLESHLIGHT FEARS, 2011) Mar 21, 2011