Please Help Me (DONOR)


Dr. Bob, let me start off by saying that I think what you do is truly amazing!! Could only donate $10 because I am still in college. My story goes like this: Had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status on Jan. 6. Two weeks after the encounter I came down with flu like symptoms and had extreme muscle pains in my legs and had muscle twitching in legs as well, mostly in calves, as well as rectal discharge and have never received anything in my rectum. Went to my university wellness center and had temperature of 99.6 so didnt think much of it. 10 weeks 5 days after encounter I got tested for just about everything under the sun including hiv which was elisa test don't know which generation cause it was sent to labcorp and all came back negative. Since the onset of these symtpoms I have had a continuous headache as well as felt lymph nodes in arm pits, groin, back and side of neck,behind ears, as well as jaw flare up and rectal discharge has continued as well. My symptoms seems to get worse when I drink alcohol so I have quit. Now it seems I have this nonstop lower back pain as well as pains in the side of buttox. Have had slight acute pain in abdomen too. Have had no visible symtpoms of any kind which is what scares me. Had HIV test done again 97 days 0r 14 weeks post encounter and was negative as well test was elisa again do not know which generation was sent to labcorp. I have been on some antibiotics as well and do not know if that would affect results such a azythromicin, lexapro, doxycycline. I am worried because symtpoms have been persistent for over 3 months!! I have tested for hiv with 2 blood tests sent to labcorp at 10 weeks and 14 weeks and both were negative also had 4 rapid tests done at various times and all were negative three were oraquick swab hiv 1/2 and one was rapid finger prick. I am a 23 year old college student in Texas who works out and eats healthy on a regualr basis do not know if that matters at all. It does seem that my symtpoms seem to get worse after i workout and i get lightheaded when my heart rate picks up which has never happened before (have been working out for quite some time) I have a few questions which are.. Are these typical symptoms of HIV? Is my 14 week elisa test reliable or should I continue to test at another time? Is it normal for symptoms of hiv to last this long? Would having multiple infections affect hiv results or slow seroconversion? Do you recommend further testing or can I woo-hoo?


Hello College Stud,

Unprotected sex does place you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. However, your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 97 days are definitive, conclusive, excessive and WOO-HOO-able. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV testing is warranted. Your antibiotics and antidepressant mediations would not affect HIV test results or the duration of the HIV seroconversion window period.

Unfortunately I can't diagnose the exact cause of your symptoms over the Internet. However, what I can do is advise what's not causing them. It's not HIV. If your symptoms persist, see your private doctor for an evaluation. Stress/anxiety may well be contributing.

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's very much appreciated.

Be well. Stay well. And no more unprotected nookie, OK?

Dr. Bob