Please help me to choose no longer adeath sentence


Choice no.1 Without treatment: risk for pcp,mac,cmv retinitis and blindness,TB, many cancers as kaposi sarcoma,lymphoma,chronic diarrhea, wasting syndrome,death

Choice no.2 With treatment :risk for hyperlipidemia,hypercholestremia, hypertriglyceridemia,liver toxicity and failure,kidney failure Hyperglycemia and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pancreatitis

NO LONGER ADEATH SENTENCE :D :D What choice can i make? Suggestions


Hello and thanks for posting your provocative question.

Your question is one of false equivalence: it would be of great concern if the two choices had the same probability of occurring. But they don't.

Choice 1: AIDS and death is a very likely outcome for people living with HIV who don't receive treatment.

Choice 2: medication complications can occur, but with today's treatments are uncommon, and if properly monitored, can be identified and reversed before serious injury occurs. Liver/kidney/pancreas injury, once common during the era when medications like d4T, ddI, indinavir and nevirapine were commonly used, are now very uncommon.

The choice is easy, in my opinion. Today's paradigm has shifted away from the awful choice of life versus side effects. Today's HIV medications work, are safe and well tolerated, and prevent illness, death and new infections. Average life expectancy in many settings is essentially normal. And so is quality of life. My hundreds of patients in our Denver clinic, many survivors of that earlier period, are living proof that healthy, long life with HIV is possible.