Please Help!


Hi Dr! I have oral sex with a girl four months ago. Two weeks after I have sex, I got a flu like symtom and headache, then two weeks later I have rash in my body, The rash still last until now (It lasts nearly three month I am still feel itchy for the last three months) I always feel tired during that time. I can't sleep for nearly three month (only two hours to three hours a day) I took alot of sleeping pill but I still can't sleep, my memory lost, my vision decrease form 1 to 1.75. Three and half month after I have sex I took a HIV test and the result is negative. I am very surprise about the result. but I still worry about it. I asked the doctor he said my memory lost, and my vision decrease because of my stress that make me sleepless. But I don't know why the rash still appear on my body. Is that a symtom of stress. Can stress make the rash and It can last for more than three months ( I have never have the rash that last for that long). The doctor said I am free of HIV now? Is that true?


If you took the test more than 3 months later, it is probably true that you are HIV-negative. If you have had no other possible exposures to HIV since then, you can be 100% confident if you take another HIV test at 6 months and it's still negative. The rash has been there a long time-- did you have a syphilis test too? If that is negative,then think about seeing a skin doctor.