Dear Dr. Bob: 6 months ago my girlfriend moved in my appartment and we started to have unprotected sex on a daily basis. BEfore I was very healthy. In 2 weeks I noticed a sever pain in my testicles and we went for testings. The HIV tests for both came back negative, By I had ureaplasma and was gived antibiotics. My girlfriend was clean. After the treatment, ureaplasma had gone but terrible pain remained. What should I do? I am freaking out. My girlfrind demands sex everyday, but I have still pain. Can it be some form of HIV? Thanks, doc Greg


Hi Greg,

You and your girlfriend are both HIV negative (assuming you both tested beyond the window period in respect to other potential HIV exposures).

Testicular pain is not a symptom of HIV disease. If you are continuing to have testicular pain after taking the prescribed antibiotics, you should follow up with a urologist. You could still have a chronic infection.

As for your girlfriend's demanding sex every day, that's what most guys dream about, but in this case you should tell your nymphette to back off until your Mr. Happy is once again happy.

Dr. Bob