Please help????????


Just finished antibiotic treatment for Primary Syphillis and my galnds have gone downand the cancre sore on penis is gopne as well but my left tonsil is still swollen,why???/ I'm so afraid that this is an indication of being HIV+ have no fever or pain in throat just a little hoarse and constantly spiting up clear phlegm form clearing my throat I'm a nervous wreck please help me



The syphilitic sore on your Mr. Happy is "gopne"???? OK, if you say so.

I cannot advise you on why your left tonsil is swollen over the Internet. Besides, that has nothing to do with what needs to be done next! You have been treated for primary syphilis. Consequently, you have had unsafe sex. Therefore you need an HIV-antibody test three months or longer from the date of your last potential HIV exposure (unprotected sex). It really is just that straightforward.

As for the swollen tonsil, I suggest you show this to your doctor. He'll be able to evaluate and treat the problem, OK?

Good luck.

Dr. Bob