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hi Doc Bob how are you? hope you are doing ok. this is my question. i got 2 reactive elisa tests in different laboratories,( 4 months after risk)and for the same days i got 2 elisa negative in other laboratory. the WB tests were negative from initial laboratories.i got a new elisa test in june (6 months now since risk) it said negative.all my docs say i'm negative, but, i wonder the why i got 2 reactive elisas test,for that i went to see other specialist doc, he told me the only thing he could do for me was me to get a pcr test and HTLV test, but he said that he believed it was false reactive. the pcr was less than 50 copies but HTLV was reactive, my doc told me this was the reason of the false initial reatives on elisa vhi. now i want to get a WB for HTLV but here in my country is is very expensive us 350, well this is very much here in colombia, besides it is not make here in colombia, it is sent to be made in usa. Doc Bob, do you think i'm really VHI negative? do you think my reactive elisas could be because i'm HTLV reactive? please Doc i'd really like to have your opinion about my case becuuse i'm relly worried about it and i have spent to much money on test that are very expensive.(pls excuse me for me english but it is not my natural language)



Before I answer your question about two reactive ELISA tests at two different laboratories plus two negative ELISAs in other laboratories the same day, I'm just wondering why you got four ELISAs at different laboratories all on the same day!?!

Getting back to your question, a reactive ELISA followed by a negative Western Blot is considered to be a "negative HIV test," because the WB test is a more specific test than an ELISA. There are many possible causes for a falsely positive ELISA. You can read about these in the archives of this forum. However, the important point to realize is that you are definitively and conclusively HIV negative. Could HTLV cause a falsely positive HIV ELISA? Perhaps, but I have personally never seen this phenomenon. One thing remains certain: HIV is not your problem.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob