Please help


Hello Please doc help me, I have tested HIV negative, but I have strange (looks unhealthy) irregular fungal like (excema!? parasite? herpes? fat bulbs?) stuff under and in my nipples. Also when I look at them in the mirror, I see some irregular spots all over them. At first I thought these were opportunistic infections but since I tested negative I know this cannot be. But what else can it be? And please answer me and help me, cause I want to get rid of this sickness. I have just been sitting in the sun and this threw a better light on the nipples, that look not healthy and these spots look like yellow fungus under the skin. Could it be just (only) fat bulbs, but these wouldn't look unhealthy, would it? The nipples are containing a combination of yellow/white spots and red-ish skin (sign of infection or thrush?). To visualize it, it's like chickenskin (fungus-like) inside the nipple, so definitely looks like parasites or so.

How could this be explained with my past hepatitis-B infection (cured& no carrier), past EBV infection and past relations with an African? Do you think I coud have got this from a boyfriend that has the same (a sort of exczema, herpes? or irregularities)?

Please answer my question! I want to get healthy so if it would help having a healthier diet or so, please tell me so! Thank you very much. I know I am really not exagerating, this looks really strange.


Everyone's nipples have 'bumps' in the skin-- that's normal. I can't get a clearer mental picture than that from what you've told me. For a definitive diagnosis, please see a physician.