Please explain temple wasting


So when someone has temple wasting, it is classified as muscle wasting, and when someone has any other form of facial wasting, it is classified as lipoatrophy? Interesting. So one is not able to lose muscle anywhere else in the face besides the temples? Or rather, if there is any wasting in the face, it will be fat loss before, or more so, than muscle loss, right? Weird. I always thought that the face had muscle in it. I guess I'm lucky because my face is very flabby and soft with fat, so as long as it stays that way, I won't have to worry about facial wasting! Wait a minute... my face is caving in at every angle... and it is soft and flabby at the same time... much more so than it was pre-HIV days. I don't know, doc.... something is not adding up... am I confused, or are you caught up in the politics of medicine?


Your point is well taken. Facial (or temple predominantly) wasting is a manifestation of lipoatrophy (loss of fat) along with loss of muscle structure as well. Politics, schlmolitics, I consider myself an independent, not affiliated with either the fat wasting or muscle wasting wing of the party.