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Dear Ryan,

I am not supposed to ask. But please for God's sake please answer me.

I had sex with a female from Caribbean Guyana. Protected vaginal sex, unprotected oral and fingering her I had cut on my hand. After sex I had rashes and constipation. But what concerns me I lost weight that I am not getting it back, coated tongue, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems. Gas in my intestines, food allergy specially wheat, yeast and cheese. Doctors diagnosed me with Hepatitis A, H. Pylori, CMV, EBV and Toxoplasmosis, specially the last three are related to HIV. I have tested for HIV three times, one after one month the other 3 and the last one after 6 months, they were negative. Should I concern about a strain that is not picking up? Type O or HIV 2? Please, please help me.

Thanks KRK


If this one time sexual experience with this woman is your only risk, I'd be surprised if you became HIV infected. It is possible, but very unlikely. I'm also not sure if you are suggesting that your symptoms are AIDS-related. It is unlikely that you would be experiencing AIDS-related symptoms so soon after an infection.

While Toxoplasmosis and CMV-related illness can result from late-stage HIV infection (AIDS), they can also result from a compromised immune system (which is essentially what AIDS is). Talk to your doctor about your concerns about HIV and maybe he/she can perform other tests at his/her discretion to see if, for some strange reason, the antibody test is missing something.