please..doc..the STD people in my town are so inconsistent!


Hi a nineteen year old male, i had one possible exposure to HIV in July 08..My last test was three months after exposure was negative..i was treated for physcological reasons because regretfully i became suicidal because of the thought of HIV...i have strong reason to believe i was exposed, as i was diagnosed visually with thrush, had loss of appetite, diareah for nearly a month, sore throat and muscle aches., i was also visually diagnosed with genital herpes and have had a consistent "outbreak" since my exposure, i have looked at pictures of genital herpes online and it seems to be nothing like with i have..I have little white bumps on the base of my penis..the STD clinic rushed me out and never gave me a blood test and the waiting period to get an apointment is horrendous, i plan on getting a blood test done for HSV...i am so lost as to what to believe..the hopsital i got tested at told me i was crazy and in a physcosis and that at six weeks the test is absouloutely consclusive i then went to test at a health center where they told me i need to test every six months for the next two years..i am hoping that the lady was just a little ignorant and homophoic, and was trying to scare me..I also have had a high wbc three different times i was checked, which im wondering if that could indicate viral infection?..i had a CD4 count of 987 ..should i trust my 12 week test? i have read that people with normal immune systems "as mine was right in the middle" that i should be fine..but just the consistancy of sypmtoms and the consistent "herpes outbreak" that i am not ok..please one will listen to me..everyone says its all in my head..but how can someone diagnose me with thrush, a symptom so rare, the nurse practicioner told me i self inflicted the thrush, however i dont think it is physically possible to stress yourself out to the point where you have it? if i am positive or not..i plan to work for HIV related causes the rest of my life...thanks doc cam


Hello CAM,

You are HIV negative. Your negative HIV-antibody test at three months is definitive and conclusive.

The nurse who told you that you need to test every six months for two years was more than "just a little ignorant." She passed "just a little ignorant" long ago. She's now nearly as clueless as Dubya. (Well, OK, no one is quite that clueless.)

Regarding your herpes that doesn't look anything like herpes and thrush that was only visually diagnosed, there is a good chance you didn't' have either one of these ailments. If you're concerned about an ongoing rash on your "home entertainment center," see a dermatologist.

As for your HIV concerns, there is only one thing to do: Yell WOO-HOO!

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob