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Dear Dr Bob Since our last contact on July 3rd and my 210 day neg test and your WHOO-HOO I felt good about things. Then bang out of nowhere I came down with bacterial pnemonia, coughing up a little blood. Taken antibiotics feeling better but it was only 6 months since last lung infection.

  1. Does this make you a bit less certain about my status?
  2. Forgot to tell you i was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes 12 weeks after unprotected sex only to be retested at 7 months only to be given all clear. Can this happen to people with hiv?
  3. My partner wants to have a baby, I have been wearing condoms since event trying to protect her. Is it ok to let them roam again? Thanks for your help Dr.Bob.



Absolutely not.

Completely unrelated.


You're welcome.

Dr. Bob

Please answer and l will donate Jul 3, 2010

Dear Dr. Bob

I was a fit young male from Australia until l had unprotected vaginal sex with a unknown person 8 months ago 12 days after l had jock itch, fever and most ars symptoms. Had 4 antibody hiv tests 1st one at 17 days, then 64 days, 86 days and 210 days. Most symptoms left after 4 months some still persist. Had lung infection diagnosed by ct scan was treated with antibiotics but still tight in back and cough up clear and white phlegm. 1. could this be due to pcp in ars? 2.Three weeks after event and still continues numb hands at night, burning finger tips on one hand,tingling thighs and calf muscles, as well as white dots on hands that come and go on palms of hands could this be Pn? 3.I was tested for Rhuematoid arthritis and levels have gone from 15 to 17 in last 2 months. Can hiv trigger Ra? 4.Do you think l could have hiv and would you test again if you were me? 5.Is it possible to test positive for hiv after 6 months these days? Thanks very much Dr.Bob

Response from Dr. Frascino


  1. Nope.

  2. Nope.

  3. HIV can be associated with various rheumatic complaints and conditions; however, this is not your problem, because you do not have HIV!

  4. Nope! Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 210 days are definitive, conclusive and WOO-HOO-able.

  5. Not without extremely unlikely extenuating circumstances. These certainly would not apply to your situation.

Be well. Stop worrying about a disease you could not possibly have!

Dr. Bob