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dear Dr BOB, i am rahul, male, 28, last week getting drunk, i had been to a brothel. i met a prostitute. she put condom on my penis.then i told her to put another condom over it & she did.after having sex, she removed my condoms. here what worries me.

she used a paper to remove my condoms. while removing the condoms top one slips a bit so she tightly hold both the condoms from the very first & pulled. my question is the vaginal fluid over the top condom must have touched the paper & when she removed both the condoms from the first, i m sure it touched my penis head. what is the chances of getting HIV from her in these activities considering her as HIV positive. Another thing is worring me.she was taking out condoms from packet in a abrupt manner. i hope condoms were perfect. but still in doubt for tearing of condoms. so my question is what is the chances of tearing of condoms.(i had used the costliest condoms-these condoms are considered as the best here).

second time i started sex & finished. this time after finishing i stood near her as she was washing her vagina. so i removed my condoms by my left one thing worries me, i dont remember whether i touched my penis head exactly after removing condoms with the same finger. what is the chances of getting HIV in these activities.

please make things clear to me .

  1. what is the chances of tearing of condoms?
  2. what is the chances of getting HIV using condoms?
  3. what is the chances of getting HIV if fresh vaginal fluid over the condom touches the penis head immediately by finger.

your early response shall be appreciated.



  1. Negligible. You would have noticed a torn condom when you put it on. (The tear would have gotten much worse as you stretched it across your throbbing tallywhacker.)
  1. Essentially nonexistent, assuming the condoms were used properly and did not fail (break).

  2. Negligible, at best.

Dr. Bob