please answer otherwise I will kill myself


Doc you are doing a great job. I made a mistake today. I went to a massage parlour. The girl licked my breast nipple, then the base of my penis (this was just one touch of her tongue) then I stopped her. The messuese went on to give me a handjob. Please tell me what is my risk of getting STD/HIV form this exposure. Is HIV testing really necessary? I need a really reassuring answer from you. I am staying in a new country and don't know what to do. Your answer will definitely save a life. Please tell me how can I send a donation from abroad.



Generally speaking I automatically delete questions that threaten suicide if I don't respond. I find such tactics insensitive. You do realize I am HIV positive, don't you?

Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. A quick read-through the archives would have provided you with not only the information but also the reassurance you desire. HIV testing is not warranted.

Donation information for the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at

Now please stop all this nonsense about killing yourself. I suggest you spend some time reading the wealth of information on this Web site, in its archives and at its related links.

Dr. Bob