please answer me doctor


hello doctor I had an protected anal sex and after 3 month from last sex met. I went blood bank to donate they do all the tests. for the blood. the PCR, P24 AG, HIV 1-2 combo and NAT and the results is negative. The doctor in blood bank said that they can detected the virus after 2 weeks of infection. So doctor should I worry and wait until the next 3 month to do another test or this is the final HIV status for me with new kind of tests like NAT and PCR. it is really Negative after 3 month and I dont have to wait 3 month later ? and I do all the tests in blood bank ( PCR, NAT, P24, HIV 1-2 antibody combo).. Thanks doctor


I am confused. You had PROTECTED sex. You do not need any testing for HIV. You then did and it was negative and you ask if you need more testing. The answer is no. Mostly because you did not have an exposure that presents risk of transmission.

Had this been unprotected anal sex, I would say a test at 3 months was conclusive.