Please answer doctor. Scared to death.


Dr. Brian, thanks for the answer regarding Elidel.

I am asking this question because I saw recently on the web that Elidel(pimecrolimus 1%) is an immunosuppressant. I forgot to tell you in my previous question, that I used to use Analpram and some times pramosone before for my skin tag inside my anus. Now I am telling this because i am getting so many doubts.

I tried pramosone initially, then the analpram for years and since it was not helping me, the doctor changed the medication to Elidel. I am using elidel for the past one year. THe doctor told that all the medications have to be inserted with a finger into the anus. I don't know if analpram or pramosone are immunosuppressants. Now I am very scared doctor.

I had an exposure one year back and I got tested for HIV very recently almost after an year after the exposure. The test result is negative.

My question is that since I was using the creams inside my anus, and since elidel is an immunosuppressant, will that affect the HIV test result by causing a false negative or a delayed window period.

I am very scared to death doctor, since it is an immunosuppresant, does that mean that my HIV virus will be hidden, is there any other test i can get.

For the scalp also the doctor gave me to apply OLUX foam(clobetasol propionate)or some times the same pramosone which I used for the anus.

I just wanted to know if any off these medications would have caused a wrong ELISA antibody result.


None of what you describe would affect the accuracy of your HIV test result. You can rely on it. The type of immune suppression that may prevent the development of antibodies to HIV (and thus lead to a false negative test result) is prolonged and due to systemic illness affecting the immune system or some potent systemic immunosuppressant. This does not apply to any of the local therapies you have used.